February 25, 2021
Security guard standing by guard rail

Tips for Hiring Excellent Security Guards

It’s essential that you feel safe both at home and at work. Therefore, to avoid any miscreants, it’s wise that you entrust the security job to the right people. When hiring security guards, check to confirm that they are from esteemed organizations and have the right experience to handle safety and security.

Since there are so many private security guard companies in Phoenix, it may be a bit challenging to know who to hire and who to avoid. Here are, however, some helpful tips to consider when looking for a security officer in Arizona.

Experience and Reputation

Security guard standing by guard railThe last thing you want to do is entrust your safety to the wrong person. A security job, like any other, needs experience, and expertise to handle the various safety tasks. A person that has been in the industry for quite some time has most probably dealt with most security challenges, and so they know what to do and how to do it. Also, you should listen to what other people are saying about that particular service provider. If they’re experienced, they’ll probably have a good reputation.

License and Insurance

When hiring any service provider, never fail to confirm these two things. They’ll save you time and money in the long run. A company should have a valid and current license and show proof of insurance. A permit is the only way to certify that the security guards meet regulations set by the local government concerning security. Then, it’s also essential that you ensure that their insurance covers your situation.

Check the Technology Used

An efficient security guard patrol system will ensure that a company offers maximum security to its clients. Many customers, however, don’t bother checking this guard patrol system. Some of the things to confirm are if their system can track the guards and create a guard tour, among other things.

Ensure the Security Guards are Well-Trained

Security officers need to be adequately trained. And you have to verify that yourself. You’ll be risking your life and that of other people around you, if you hire someone who is not fully prepared to handle emergency situations, or even manage day to day security tasks. Confirm if the training offered by a company meets the state requirements and in what ways.

Get a Quotation

Most companies will provide you with a free quotation. Make sure that you get a quote of all the fees included for their services. You should know how much you’ll be paying so that you are not caught off guard. Some companies will need you to pay for the uniform and supplies of the security officers. It’s therefore wise that you know the fees to prepare your budget.

Finding the right guard for your home or company is essential. You can do that by asking targeted questions that will reveal their skill set, security background, and personality traits as well.

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