February 25, 2021
Black Security Guard

The Reasons Unarmed Security Guard Work Is Risky

If you are considering becoming a security guard, your role is quite important in protecting property and people who reside work on the premises you are working.

Black Security GuardWhen it comes to protecting an individual’s life, getting an armed security guard is the most effective way to ensure your safety. It’s easy to hire unarmed security guards and successfully deter crimes, but armed security guards are worth considering. However, this depends on the place you’re working in.

I have worked as a security officer in a winery in Arizona for 7 years . I have had some occasions where I had to deal with dangerous confrontations such as knife fights with bandits, and I think I’ve learned a lesson. Normally, the first people to respond to those incidents are security guards. Ask yourself what will happen if you aren’t armed. It will become pretty challenging to escalate the situation as you look forward to calling 911 for help.

Armed security officers are often a better choice

The reason why you want to become a security guard is to provide a sense of security, that your employee goods won’t be an easy target for thieves whose aim is to vandalize the business. Security is an issue for most businesses and people. So, it is a good idea to be an armed security guard since you are going to be authorized and licensed to handle weapons. This is very helpful, especially if you are working in dangerous areas.

Risks of unarmed security guard

Obviously, potential criminals tend to think twice when planning to rob a place under armed guards’ protection. This means if you aren’t an armed security guard, it’s impossible to deal with them. So, having yourself as an armed security guard, you’re lightening the burden on local police forces.

In summary, security officers place their lives in danger while on the line of duty. You need to be ready to confront every threat that comes on your way. If you aren’t an armed officer, you are going to face higher risks in the job. But you don’t have an option since you need to maintain constant vigilance at the workplace while dealing with unruly and aggressive people.

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