February 25, 2021
Unarmed Security Guards

Understanding Arizona’s Unarmed Security Guards

Unarmed security guards are officers given the mandate of protecting both people and properties without the use of firearms. Their main duty is to go round on different premises, monitor and report any issue of concern to the appropriate authorities for action. Apart from these functions, they also help in giving appropriate directions in facilities. Additionally, they’re also given the mandate of signing papers or receiving packages on behalf of their employers, especially when on duty.

Requires of Unarmed Security Officers

One of the key aspects that most people look at when hiring an unarmed security officer in Phoenix, Arizona, is proper communication skills. The next thing is how presentable one is. High school education is also necessary. One should pass a drug test. One should also be physically fit and finally must pass all criminal background checks.

Training for Security Professionals

Unarmed Security GuardsUnarmed security training in Phoenix, Arizona, is very different compared to armed security training. In unarmed security training, the weapon used is effective communication and not firearms. Training, in this case, involves walking around with a supervisor in the entire facility for some time to learn what’s required of you.

One may also be trained in the operation of electronic equipment in the premises to assist new or elderly people. Generally, unarmed security officers must complete at least 45 hours of training within their first 100 days of work.

Duties & Responsibilities of Security Guards

The typical areas of assignment that these security officers work include malls, parks, apartments and construction sites. In most cases, the guards can do either patrol or static duties. The patrol duties can be done while walking in most cases, horse riding or use of a motor vehicle. Unarmed security guards can also offer services at help desks.

In conclusion, these are some of the things you need to know about Phoenix, Arizona, unarmed security guards. These officers are ideal for businesses that are located in relatively calm environments. However, their salaries tend to be lower than those of armed security guards.

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